Friday, May 21, 2010

mmmm smell the bread?

I've been playing around with making my own bread for the family for a few weeks now... not entirely from scratch, but certainly by hand. WOW hand breadmaking is hard work- I won't need to join a gym to work out the arms if I keep this up.

I'm using the Lauckes wholemeal mix and have been adding generous quantities of LSA which makes the bread incredibly delicious. Today though I got brave and decided to try 2 loaves at once and did the wholemeal plus a second loaf with dates, dried apple, apricot, sultanas and dried blueberries.

A certain someone helped to put the dried fruit and LSA into the mix, but mysteriously there was a lot less fruit going into the mix than I thought.... someone LOVES dried fruit and especially blueberries.

We've already gotten stuck into the wholemeal with a warm afternoon snack and lashings of honey, the fruit loaf is still quite hot, but I think a slice after dinner might be necessary!

My only issue is that the whole operation takes a couple of hours and when the heavens suddenly open on 3 loads of drying washing when your hands are covered in dough...... well you know what happens then.....

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