Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's been an unsettled few weeks here with little Kai. Poor mite cut his first tooth at 5months and 10days- 16th April. Unfortunately that's not the end of it as the other bottom tooth is very close to cutting and the top gums are bulging too!

So I've been a bit of a mummy-dummy lately, with Kai off his feeding, but constantly hungry only to start a part-feed and give up after 30seconds or so of milk.

Knitting has been minimal due to having Kai with me 90% of the time, but I've just cast on a cute pair of overalls in a lovely super-soft 8ply yarn in shades of blue.

Activities start back this week, with Finn returning to playgroup, dancing and swimming- hopefully I can get the occastional nap back out of him after all this excercise- I've been missing that mummy quiet time lately!

Yesterday we enjoyed making some home-cooked play dough together- Finn's colours of choice were pink and blue (and black but mummy poo-pooed that option). Today we pulled out the playdough equipment and had a great time - home made playdough is sooooo much nicer (and easier to tidy up) than that horrible commercial stuff for sure.

So that's it for now... back to knitting these overalls!

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